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Content – Areas of Interest


The University of Macedonia Library and Information Center organizes a one-day conference on “Open Access and Universities”, in the framework of the project “Open access scholarly e-content at the University of Macedonia: supporting library services for its organization, promotion, publication and interconnection” (National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) – MIS 304170) which is funded by the European Union and national funds.

The conference is addressed to the faculty and research members of the University of Macedonia, but it is open to participants from other institutions as well. The conference aims are to disseminate Open Access to Greek academia and also to inform about the results of the above mentioned project.


Areas of interest

1. Open Access: the initiative, its causes and evolution, the advantages of OA for the public, the faculty and the researchers, the necessity for OA and its implementations.

2. Open Access and academic institutions: OA policies (mandates), green and gold road to OA, funding institutions requiring OA publications, faculty attitude towards OA (citations and OA), OA and European Union.

3. Open Access and intellectual property: Authors’ rights and awareness of OA, publishers and OA, creative commons licenses.

4. Open Access and Libraries: Institutional Repositories, publishing activities in educational and research institutions.